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Dominique Hudson & Brian Walther — Minted

Dominique Hudson


Brian Walther

Wedding Party

Jessica Kolden

Maid of Honor

D: Jess has been my best friend since early high school (peep that deep cut of a picture) & I mean it when I say I could never do life without her. Her parents are even my "second parents" and vice versa. After we went to different colleges on opposite ends of the state, Jess finally moved to MPLS and we lived together in downtown St. Paul for 4 very fun years & we even worked together at the OG Green Mill (those were the days!). We now have different jobs, but thankfully, we still live close to one another because she'll always be my partner-in-crime and forever "my Jessi."

Bret McFerrin

Best Man

B: Where do I start? Bret has been there through thick and thin for me. Through surviving a mouse-infested house (affectionately known as the “Rat Cave”) together, to teaching and encouraging me to cook, to being a forever-brewery partner, Bret is one of my best friends. His positive outlook on life, his kindness, his humility, and his ability to navigate a kitchen are just some of the few things I admire about him. I’m so thankful to have him as a best man.

Dana Webb

Matron of Honor

D: Dana has been my best friend since sophomore year of college & I can honestly say, I knew she was a keeper from the get-go. We've done a LOT of things together - some of which were probably extremely stupid and crazy! - over the last 11+ years & we've been there for each other through the absolute best and worst of times. We're both strong-headed and opinionated (can you believe it!?), which is partly why I love her so much. She's my person and the first one I call when I need... literally anything. She's the cheese to my wine! (Dana, I can still smell the parmesan you shredded everywhere this night HA!)

Alexander Schulz


B: Schulzie is one of the best guys I know. When he’s not eating 4,000 calories daily to maintain his muscle mass, he’s a thoughtful and caring friend who happens to be one of the few guys who appreciates my stupid sense of humor, not to mention being wicked smaht. He, along with Bret and I, are the three survivors of the “Rat Cave,” and I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything. Schulzie’s sense of adventure and drive continuously inspire me, and I’m grateful to call him one of my best friends.

Michelle Mader


D: I'm so lucky that Brian has Michelle as his sister because I'm now gaining the best sister-in-law and friend I could have ever hoped for. Michelle is truly the most selfless, down-to-earth, smart, bold, and downright wonderful sister, daughter, and mother (to two of the most awesome kids). Like her brother, she's extremely loving and caring, but she's also not afraid to call me out when I'm wrong (which we all know I need)! I couldn't be happier about the fact I get to officially call Shel my sister come 10/7.

Patrick Mader


B: I was so lucky that my sister found Patrick the first day of her freshman year of college. He’s been the absolute best brother-in-law I could have ever asked for, and I count myself lucky for knowing him. From a shared obsession of golf, to being a continuous wealth of knowledge, to being the best dad to my two favorite kids in the world, there are so many things I love about Patrick. I’m beyond lucky to call him my brother.

Samantha Fleming


D: Sammy is one of my best friends from college, and she's also a part-time matchmaker. Having went to high school with Brian and 6 of our groomsmen, we call her the common thread in a lot of our friends' relationships (she's the reason Dana met Bret & therefore, the reason I'm marrying Brian). So to say that I owe everything to her is an understatement! I'm so lucky to have her in my life because not only does she keep me laughing, but she also keeps me in line (she's truly the mom of our friend group & thank goodness, because we need one some[most]times)!

Alexander Braaten


B: Braat. Oh Braat. So many of things I cherish in my life, I owe to you. I never would have re-connected with half of my wedding party without getting closer to you during our college years. To being my shared Gopher supporter (we’ll win the Big Ten one of these years…), to being a buddy that blows off some steam on the golf course or on the latest video game, I can always count on you to bring the laughs, enjoy a few beers, and have my back. I’m so thankful to have you as one of my best friends.

Amanda Bickford


D: My "Hungarian sister" and one of the most loving friends in the world, Amanda has been in my life for the better part of a decade and I can't even begin to describe how lucky I am to have her in it. We had our crazy days in college (probably WAY too many!), but we somehow drifted apart for a few years after (though neither of us knows why!?). Upon meeting Cat and learning that she was a mutual friend to both of us, it gave us just the opportunity we needed to reconnect. We're past our partying days & now we love our wine-and-chill girls' nights more than anything else.

Patrick Gifft


B: Outside of family, I’ve known Pat the longest of anyone on this Earth. I’m so grateful for the nearly 30 years of friendship we’ve shared, whether it was navigating the awkward pre-teen years together, jamming to the trashiest hip-hop on our way to high-school tennis practice, or the many visits to each other at our respective colleges, he’s always been one of few constants in my life. I’m so thankful to have you as one of my best friends, and I absolutely could not envision getting married without you by my side.

Catherine Augustiniak


D: My Virgo soul sister to a T (we're so alike, it's actually weird at times) and one of the founding members of our "WAGs of Carlson" friend group (us two, plus Kate & Sam N - shoutout to our guys for going back to school and introducing us, because we're now best friends for life!), I love Cat to the moon and back. Cat is one of the most independent, strong-willed, passionate, and supportive women I know. Whether we're sending dumb reels back and forth all day, talking (ranting) about politics, obsessing over Taylor Swift (and Travis Kelce), or just laughing about the most random stuff, I am dead serious when I say I cannot imagine a world, or my life, without Catherine in it. Virgo besties for life <3

Aaron Soller


B: Aaron might be one of the people I admire most. He’s intelligent, loyal, and arguably the most driven person I know. If Aaron says he’s going to do something, you can bet that it will get done. From racing each other on the playground in elementary school, to being one of the few guys willing to sit next to a gangly and awkward pre-teen kid (me) at lunch, to laughing at me because I jumped at the ending of the Paranormal Activity movie in theaters (and never letting me live it down), I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful memories we’ve shared. You’re a gem, and I hope you know it!

Erin Dillon


D: Erin, my work wife turned bestie - where would I be without her in this life? There is no one else in this world I can physically be with for 6+ hours, then go home and continue to FaceTime and talk to until one of us falls asleep (it's happened multiple times). Starting the day by texting each other our Wordle, Quordle, & Octordle scores will never get old. She's also the only person I can talk extensively with about TV/movies we've watched (because between the two of us, we've probably seen like... everything ever made, I'm convinced). Ultimately, I think we're both just really big nerds and I love her so much for that. (Erin, we still need to redeem ourselves from this night at another JoBros concert!)

Jeff Theisen


B: Jeff is another re-connect buddy (thanks, Braat!) that I’m so thankful to have grown closer to over the last few years. Whether it’s our common appreciation for board games, geeking out over the Lord of the Rings, or a shared interest in the world of finance, I’m so thankful for our friendship. From our time together on the high school mission trip to Buffalo, NY, to becoming my forever golf cart partner, to visiting you in your new home in Colorado this past fall, I’ve cherished all the memories we’ve made together.

Katelyn Heckner

Personal Attendant

D: Our forever Champagne Kate, she is the absolute queen of our WAGs friend group (and Kate, I hope you know that no one will ever compare to you). I am beyond lucky to have such a beautiful, strong, smart, considerate, and kind woman as one of my best friends. I truly cannot even remember anymore what it was like before she and the WAGs were in my life (and thankfully I won't ever need to again). Even though she's a huge Packers fan, I would still do absolutely anything for her. She'll always be my go-to when it comes to high fashion, iconic celebrities (we love raving about their equally iconic weddings), or the Royals. And I love that she shares my love for the Kennedys, especially when it comes to Carolyn.

Cody Anderson


B: Part 1 of the Anderson duo! Cody and I immediately connected in high school over our shared love of tennis and Arby’s Jamocha shakes. He, along with Duncan and Aaron, have become a staple in my adult life as our foursome can consistently be found on local golf courses around the Minneapolis metro area during the summers. I love our shared excitement about craft cocktails, enjoying stupid Spongebob-related jokes, and the desire to hit a perfect three iron. I’m so grateful to call you a close friend!

Samantha Newman

Personal Attendant

D: Samantha, our collective favorite person in the WAGs friend group. If you ever want someone who will go wild with you one night and then have a low-key night in the next, Sam is your girl. I still remember the first day I met her at the MBA welcome tailgate in 2018 & how I immediately thought "I need to be friends with this girl" because not only was she a blast to hang with, but my face hurt from laughing so much - and that still holds true today! Sam is always the one waiting in the wing with a good zinger just when you need it most. And I can honestly say any of us WAGs girls would do anything for her. I'm so grateful to call her one of the best friends I've ever had.

Duncan Anderson


B: The other half of the Anderson bros, and lover of a good mullet, Duncan is another of my close high school friends. From forging a bond on the tennis courts, to navigating our freshman year of college together, to now trying to both find the secret sauce to a great golf swing, we’ve shared so many fantastic memories together. I so appreciate your love of a stupid joke, a 10AM beer on the golf course, and keeping up to date on the latest PGA tour event leaderboard. You’ve been such a good friend to me, and I’m so thankful to have you with me on such an important day!

Soraya Hudson


D: Soraya, my beautiful sister. While we haven't always seen eye-to-eye growing up (and oh man, Mom & Dad would second that statement in a heartbeat!), I wouldn't even want to know what it would have been like not having her as a sister all my life. As we've gotten older and matured quite a bit, we've started to become closer and I am truly so thankful for that. She's extremely funny and never fails to make me laugh. She's also the most blunt and honest person I know, and while it sometimes drives me up a tree, I would never want that to change because it's one of the things I love most about her. And, even more awesome, she's legitimately one of the most social, outgoing, and carefree people I know & I admire that so much.

Hernán Rojas


B: The man, the myth, the legend. Hernán and I met through his wonderful wife, Liz, who is one of my best friends I became close with through the MBA program at the University of Minnesota. Hernán was at so many of our program events, that everyone (myself included) just thought he was in our class! We’ve since bonded over our shared love of Northeast Minneapolis, watching the coldest ever World Cup qualifying game together in person, and going on an unforgettable couples trip to Savannah, GA, where he was the biggest hype man as Dominique and I got engaged. Hernán is the guy you always want in your corner, and I count myself lucky to call him a good friend.

D: Hernán was the first person we thought of when we decided we wanted a friend to marry us. He's one of the most kindhearted and loving people we know, and he's also one of the most vibrant and gregarious. You can't ever have a bad day when Hernán is around because he has the most exuberant personality. (If you look up "exuberant" in the dictionary, you'll probably find a picture of Hernán!) He and Liz have both been there for/and with us during some big moments in our lives - one of those being our engagement in Savannah. (Those 3 pulled that surprise off extremely well - especially considering how well I can [usually] figure things out!) So it truly means the world to us both that he's the one marrying us. We can't wait to have him standing up there with us as our officiant. We love you, Hernán!

The Kiddos

Flower Girls & Ring Bearer

Amelia Hudson

Niece of Bride [Justin & Diana]

Annie Mader

Niece of Groom [Michelle & Patrick]

Lily Hudson

Niece of Bride [Bobby III]

George Mader

Nephew of Groom [Michelle & Patrick]