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Dominique Hudson & Brian Walther — Minted

Dominique Hudson


Brian Walther

Dominique Hudson and Brian Walther

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Our Story

Brian and Dominique met on New Year's Day 2016 through mutual friends (thanks Dana and Bret!). Brian was immediately drawn to Dominique's infectious smile and laughter, and Dominique was enamored with Brian's nice boots and his love for Totino's Pizza Rolls. They spent the whole night talking (this should come as no surprise to those who know Dominique!) and later that week, he took her to a small dive bar in St. Paul for their first date. It was apparent there was something special between the two. Since that fateful evening, they have faced everything life could throw at them together, including multiple moves, job changes, and grad school - but nothing could ever get in the way of them stopping to enjoy a pizza or two hundred. Fast forward to the fall of 2021 (October 7th, to be exact - yes, they’re getting married the same date he proposed!) and Brian and Dominique were on a couples trip to Savannah, GA with some of their best friends (shoutout to Liz and Hernán!). Brian had been planning this moment for well over 6 months and had even managed to keep it a secret from Dominique. When she was least expecting it, he finally got down on one knee and proposed in front of the historic Forsyth Park fountain. It's been a long time coming (just over seven years)! They’re so excited to share the next chapter of their journey together, and can't wait to celebrate with you all!